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Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage sets the standards for all early years providers.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a period of education from 0-5years. At Half Pint the children learn skills needed to become confident little learners, achieving through positive relationships and enabling environments. At Half Pint we understand that each child is an individual and unique.

There are seven areas of learning and development within the EYFS. The first three are recognised as the primary areas of learning: Personnel, Social & Emotional development: Communication & Language: Physical development:  These support and scaffold the four specific areas. Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, Expressive Art & Design. The four specific areas of learning, embrace essential knowledge and skills to ensure the children have best possible start to their learning journey.

At Half Pint we introduce the children to the EYFS, through interactive play, following the curriculum areas to build their key basic skills in the seven areas of learning. Our practitioners carefully observe the children to understand what they can do and how they are learning. We use this information to plan for the children’s next steps, enabling us to customise our educational planning to inspire the children to explore the learning opportunities provided. Planning learning opportunities allows us to link the children’s progress folder to the planning. For each child the key person, makes observation and assessments, compiles and records the children’s activities, this information is presented in an online app “Tapestry ” for parents to refer to, encouraging the parents to keep up to date and fully informed of their own child’s progress.

Learning takes place inside and outside in all weathers, learning is sometimes focused in small or large groups guided by our practitioners in response to a specific learning opportunity. The practitioners encourage the children to make choices and initiate their own learning. The learning opportunities are planned to ensure the children’s potential, good out comes and prepares them for the next stage of their learning journey.

When using Tapestry, it may be helpful to note some of the abbreviations.

BFB= Best fit band= is a guidance of your child’s progress in months. For example BFB 22/36 = just under 2yeras to 3years. Within every BFB there are 3 categories. Emerging/ Developing/Secure.

The numbers at the side of the observations are an indication of what has been observed in the 7 areas of learning alongside the characteristics of effective learning.

If you require more information or have any questions please ask any member of staff.